Oldal kiválasztása

Vodafone, Ireland


Meanwhile Face Team’s eight performers were entertaining fans during the #Spain2014 Basketball World Cup, four other members of Face Team started their trip to a short weekend in fabulous Ireland.

The precise destination was Dublin, where the team was invited to shoot a advertisement video for Vodafone Ireland’s 4G campaign. We spent a full day with the shooting, and it was a fantastic time in a very enthusiastic mood.

The shooting took place in the heart of Dublin, full of tourists and passers-by.

We had the chance to work with a marvelous crew, and circumstances were very suitable. At the end of the day we were given the opportunity to perform in the Vodafone HQ for the workers and staff of the company to please them. For sure we put some smiles on their faces, after a long and demanding working day.

The Irish story of Face Team ended here, and the team got on the flight back to beloved home, Budapest.

Despite the short two days, we garnered a lot of new experiences and positive feedbacks.

Thank you Vodafone, thank you Dublin!