Oldal kiválasztása

USA, Costa Rica

Our first long journey of 2014 led us to Usa and Costa Rica. In America, our destination was West Palm Beach, Florida, where we had a weeklong preparation session in the Palm Beach Atlantic University’s gym. The circumstances were American standard, so really professional. At the end of our practices we had a show during the NCAA 2nd division game of the PBA Sailfish, and we also made an open practice session for students, where everybody could try out the art of trampoline, acrobatics, slam dunk and basketball freestyle.

Arriving to Costa Rica, first time in our lives was great. We had many promotion activities in the media and minor shows at the beginning. The organizers also surprised us with some ad-hoc programs in our schedule. For instance, we played an actual basketball game against a local second division team.
We spent one of our days in the Children Hospital of Costa Rica, where we had the chance to treat them as “Clown doctors”, putting smiles on their faces. This day was one of the biggest heartbreaks in our past ten years, but perhaps one of the nicest memories from Costa Rica. The children were by far, the best audience we ever had.

Our biggest show was in a mall, where a 4-storey amount of audience gathered around our performance area. After the show, security people needed to escort us out to our lockers, and that feedback was really satisfying. Literally, people would have torn us apart for one signature or jersey.

During our time in Costa Rica, fortunately we had many spare time activities. We climbed the Volcano Irazu, where not too many Hungarians were, for sure. Interesting fact about the volcano that the last time it erupted was, when John F. Kennedy landed in Costa Rica in March 13th 1963, after 20 years of silence.