Oldal kiválasztása


My first big performance as a Face Team member was in Panama. Also my first ever flight was a Budapest-Amsterdam-Panama line. We quickly made good friends with former Miss Panama, Madelaine Legnadier when arriving.

We had the most media and radio exposures outside of Hungary within a week. It was a unusual feeling to run from a live TV morning show to another two radio stations. The press and PR articles about Face Team also supported us.

After a long promotion week, the time has come to proceed to the event called Game On!, where Face Team Acrobatic Sports Theatre and local dancers made a one hour long show. I practiced three months for this occasion, and I was still very nervous. Nonetheless we had a flawless one-hour long performance, and the next hour was all about photography, signature meet and greets. People, cameras and flashes everywhere. By this time, the team was famous enough, so people in the restaurants approached us for some extra photos.

After a lot of pressure and hard shows, Madelaine invited us to her Oceanside weekend house. The view and experience was over imagination, we felt like “the luckiest Hungarians” that day.