Oldal kiválasztása

Osaka, Japan

In the 10th anniversary of founding Face Team, the team traveled to the desperately coveted, beautiful Japan. This time as a part of a Japanese program called „The hakuraiyose 2014”, with many international performers.
The concept was also unique and pioneer in Japan. The venue was in Osaka, Japan, the Namba Grand Kagetsu Theatre.

“Osaka made a lot of interesting impacts on us during our stay, first off, our flight landed on an airport, what was built on an artificial island. Japanese people are more than friendly, always in a good mood and curious. They also have a crush on games, mainly slot machine games, what was a bit weird for us.

It was a pleasure to participate a circus and theatre performer roster like this during the one month long performing program. Altogether, the program had American, Swiss, Portuguese, Russian, French and Hungarian entertainers.

We arrived back to Hungary with fantastic experiences, and especially, it was a good thing for Face Team to bring our acrobatic basketball show and theatre programs a step closer to each other.