Oldal kiválasztása

NBA 3XES, NBA Global Games

We were waiting for this job to happen very much. Three European cities, NBA3X events, NBA legends sounds like a lot of fun.

Lisbon, Portugal:
First station was Lisbon, Portugal. When we heard that Muggsy Bogues (Charlotte Hornets) would be the NBA legend, we were even more excited for the show day. We all knew Muggsy, the shortest player in NBA, famous from Space Jam movie etc. Our first show was so amazing, that Muggsy gave us a lot of credit for that, and congratulated for all members of Face Team.

London, UK:
Rainy London gave us a chance to entertain NBA 3X fans on a sunny day. We saw so many talented players during the competition, and the level of games was very high. NBA legend was Al Horford, active player of the Atlanta Hawks. He was very nice to us and also made a video about our show and posted it on his Instagram page. After the end of London 3X, we were excited to travel to the next city from the tour.

Trieste, Italy:
Our chef, Walter made it impossible to not like Italian food. Sunny day and screaming Italian girls were waiting for us in the NBA venue. NBA legend was Robert Parish this time, who still has the record for most played games in the history of NBA. Surprisingly the Boston Celtics Cheerleaders were also part of the entertainment program. The biggest surprise was just after the show, when Robert Parish ran to us himself, and shaked all our hands and congratulated. When we thought that our tour has ended here, quickly NBA organizers were so satisfied with Face Team, that they quickly invited us to NBA Global Games in Istanbul for the Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Fenerbahce Ülker game and Fan Zone.

Istanbul, Turkey:
Final station: Istanbul. We were excited to see the OKC Thunders live, with Kevin Durant leading them to victory.
But first, we had two days of performing in the NBA Fan Zone, VIP tent. We met Peja Stojakovics (Sacramento Kings) and Vlade Divac (Los Angeles Lakers) there, and had some nice chats with them. When the game day came, we painted our faces into monsters, to amaze the 12.000 crowds with our crazy monster show.
The monsters made their thing with authority and “destructed” the rim during the half-time show.

Unforgettable for life, that’s what this tour was!