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Laureus, Charity Night

Laureus Foundation has invited us to entertain during their charity night in Zürich, Switzerland.

When we arrived to the venue, we installed all our equipments, and started rehearsing. After a few minutes I looked around and saw that we were between fully decorated tables and perfectly clean glasses.

What if one ball slips and flies towards to one of these tables, I thought? Many lights came form the ceiling onto our stage, making me even more nervous. Nevertheless the main rehearsal went very well, so we earned our delicious dinner. We had some quality rest in the hotel spa at the end of the day.

The next day, we put on the “Game Face”, and everyone was aiming and concentrating on nothing, but the show that night. When we arrived to the venue, we only saw beautiful ladies and gentlemen in pretty suits getting out from their limousines.

When the show music started, my stomach got quickly cramped, as always in the beginning of our shows. It is an amazing feeling to perform through eye blinding lights, flashes and loud claps. We felt that the audience really enjoys our tricks and dunks. Also our funny dance choreographies got their attentions. And when all things were perfect, the thing happened I was so afraid of: one of the balls slipped and flew just in the direction of a table…
Fortunately a young gentleman saved the day, jumped up for the ball, catched it with cheeky precision and passed it back to us with a great smile on his face.

The crowd thanked the show with standing ovation and big applause.

I was very proud to be a part of this journey, and after I have been told, the charity night collected over €450.000 for the handicapped children, helping them to provide sport equipments, giving them opportunity to practice and compete.