Oldal kiválasztása



Right after our Japanese theatre shows, our team was invited to another Far-Eastern country, to Indonesia.

All the performances were conducted in the country capital, Jakarta. The venue was the freshly built, multi-storey Baywalk Mall. Interesting fact, that there was a big LED sphere above our show area, promoting us and other activities. The shows went flawless, and the audience quickly became crazy fans of Face Team performers. Some people came to watch our tricks several times during our stay and gave nice presents to us after the shows, and for that, we are really appreciative.

I think I can state that, we had the biggest success in our team’s history among the audience, during the Indonesian trip. They treated us like superstars, and that emotion made its effects on our performances and entertainment quality also, thanks to the positive vibes.

Supposedly, Indonesia is the second most active social media country after the USA, and we felt its impact on the number of our Instagram followers, what quickly tripled throughout the shows in Jakarta.

It was a really good experience all together, we gained many new friends and the organizers and our fellow performers were beyond awesome.