Oldal kiválasztása

Iberia Flyers

In 2014, we have been invited to the highest standard basketball event, the FIBA Basketball World Cup in Spain. The World Cup’s venues were all around big cities of Spain as Granada, Sevilla, Gran Canaria, Bilbao, Barcelona and Madrid. We were integrated into Iberia Airlines sponsorship activities; it is why Face Team Acrobatic Sports Theatre changed its name to “Iberia Flyers” temporarily. For our cooperation success and for promoting the “Iberia Flyers” name, we started off the World Cup with shooting a crazy image video, in a hangar in Madrid.

The roadshow itself started in September, simultaneously with the WC games. Meanwhile the national teams were competing with each others in the arenas, Iberia Flyers made sure to entertain crowds all around the six Fan Zones of the World Cup. Iberia also made it possible for fans, to try, what’s it be like to be an Iberia Flyers. After all Iberia Flyers shows, people started to queue up next to the Iberia stand, and they could jump and slam dunk on the mini version of trampoline and basketball hoop.

Beside Fan Zone shows, Iberia Flyers had the opportunity to entertain during the France-Serbia semi-final and the France-Lithuania bronze medal game. Áron Takács showed his amazing “Gannicus” dunk in front of 12.000 people during the semi-final. Players like Milos Teodosics (Serbia) and Nicolas Batum (France) congratulated him, after seeing the spectacle.