Oldal kiválasztása

French Circus Festival

Face Team traveled to Brest, France for a 3 weeks long circus festival.
As children we always wanted to get to the backstage and see what happens behind the curtain in a circus. This time, as we weren’t spectators, we had the chance to relive the circus life, now as a the finale of the entertainment program.

We got to know the other performers really quickly, and we were surprised to recognize some Hungarian talents were also in the team, also the musician were Hungarians. It was really nice to feel that 2000 km away from home, Hungarian talents, artists, musicians are still very demanded.

After the rehearsals were done, the day of our first performance was coming quickly. The circus’ spectator’s room was full with the audience of 5.000 people.
When the ringmaster introduced us, the biggest clap welcomed us onto the stage.
Our show amazed the people and the whole circus had a big success in Brest after the first night. Handshakes and queues for signatures, photography sessions followed our appearances, and that made us full of energy and even more motivated. We had 14 shows in Brest circus altogether, what was watched by 60.000 spectators. After gathering the positive feedbacks from the ringmaster and the circus organizers, we started our oneday long drive back to Hungary.