Oldal kiválasztása


Every TV job is a rarity. Now we had quickly two.
It feels good if a TV invites you to participate in their program, but on the other hand it can be harder for a performers, because you aren’t in direct contact with the audience and you aren’t interacting. But as we love challenges, or it shouldn’t be called Face Team!

Its an unforgettable experience to accept a job offer to the biggest TV company in the world (BBC). We participated the program called “A Question of Sport”, what is a sport quiz competition since 1968.
We had a few minutes long choreography with extreme tricks, and than the players were asked questions about our performance. We really enjoyed working for BBC and it was nice to be backstage again.

The other TV job was by SKY TV – A League of their Own
We ran through the 2 minutes long choreography of ours for a day or so.
Need to mention that we met one of the most famous British band, the One Direction during and after the show, they were also players of the program.

They started from X factor to the world fame, apart from this they were very friendly and direct. They also congratulated for our tricks and choreography, and that is very nice of them, because we had just a couple minutes to show off.