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Our team provides a very unique and innovative basketball show like nothing ever seen before. The team is based in Europe.

The Face Team globetrotters has performed at many events as for example at NBA Europe Live Tour in 2007 and 2010, at FIBA EuroCup All Star Game in 2008 in Cyprus, at Euroleague games (Panathinaikos vs. Maccabi Tel-Aviv basketball game at O.A.K.A. Olympic Arena in Athens, Greece), Supercups, Final Fours, streetballs, basketball festivals, basketball gala events, gala evenings, sports days, festivals, corporate events and we have performed at many other events around the world.

Face Team's spectacular slam dunk show can be performed at your event including acrobatic crazy dunks, slam dunks and basketball freestyle dribbles and tricks. The shows are entirely choreograhed and are done on music. The team does not include just acrobatic dunkers on the team but athletes who perform alone and together to provide unbelievable acrobatic stunts for your audience. Our aim is to entertain audiences all around the world. We are sure they can never take their eyes off of our acrodunking basketball show and most of the time we have standing ovations after the performance. The Face Team Show is very enjoyable for all ages and everyone around the world. Audiences and clients that we have performed for in the past loved our show and recommended that everyone needs to see it to believe it.

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What does an acrobatic slam dunk show look like?


The Face Team show consists acrobatic slam dunks, freestyle dribbles and tricks with basketballs (handling, juggling) and the duration of the show can take from 5 up to 30 minutes which depends on the organizers' requests and demands. We are able to do 2 different choreography of acrobatic dunk at the same day with the duration of 8 minutes each. If you have special request for a show, please feel free to get in touch with us.