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Face Team Acrobatic Sports Theatre

We like to think that Face Team is one of a kind.

We are the only acrobatic team worldwide with grassroots academies and three performing groups able to entertain even simultaneously. “Face Team”, “Face Team Youngsters” and “Face Team Győr Academy” are available to serve different markets.

We are incredibly competent and comfortable with challenges.
Our team members are holding five Guinness World Records.

FaceTeam Guinness World Record Team

Show Repertoire

We have performed more than 1,000 times around the globe on prestigious events such as NBA -, FIBA games, international circus festivals, revue- and theatre shows.

Freestyle Dunking

Guinness Records

Variety and Theatre

“It was unbelieveable” – Muggsy Bogues

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Globally, FACE TEAM is the first and only acrobatic sports theatre, performing incredibly entertaining sport related shows. Their acrobatic freestyle slam dunk basketball, handball, korfball, ball juggling mixes are full of energy. The team was established in 2004. It has 15 members in their travelling roster. The shows are always carefully chosen, often custom ordered. They are following the needs of certain place, time and special occasion.

Acrobatic Basketball

Acrobatic Handball

Acrobatic Korfball

Freestyle Theatre

Commercial Shooting

Company Events

“The best Acrobatic Basketball Show, I’ve ever seen” – Robert Parish

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