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Special entertainment in many sports: BASKETBALL, HANDBALL, KORFBALL, TRAMPOLINE.
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Acrobatic Basketball

Their performances are fully choreographed to music. The team members are not just acrobatic dunkers but basketball freestylers too. These sportsmen are able to amuse the audience altogether or even one by one.
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Acrobatic Sports Theatre

Acting, humorous scenes, hardly learnable but incredibly spectacular mixture of ball tricks is what they offer. Their goals are unforgettable moments, sweet memories and big smiles on every child’s faces. They provide a great opportunity to step out of the grey weekdays monotonity.
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From a hungarian freestyle battle to a world-wide fame...


In 2003 Áron Takács won the NIKE basketball freestyle battle. This title inspired him to establish the FACE TEAM. They started to train regularly to improve their abilities and professional techniques. This systematic and strict training schedule provides the high quality of the performances. Initially it was all about basketball nevertheless in the last few years the FACE TEAM managed to perform in four other sports.